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Services offered by

-       Purchase and sale of real estate

-       Rent of real estate

-       Transfers of real estate and business

-       Processing of rental guarantee

-       Necessary documentation to process mortgages

-       Valuations of properties

-       Tax and legal advice

-       Processing of certificates of habitability

-       Decoration and architecture projects

-       Processing of energy certificates

Real estate consulting and advice:

At, we offer you a personalized service by putting at your disposal all our resources and experience.

We do a study of the location of the property and to inform you of the situation of the market, valuing all kinds of properties, legal and legal, fiscal, financial and mortgage advice.


Our Finance Department will help you to look at each time the mortgage loan that interests you and fits your interests, since we have agreements with major banks.

Appraisals and valuations:

In you we offer free of charge and without any commitment according to the market price, so find the price most optimal owned both for purchase and for sale.